About PGS

Performance Growth Summit 2020

In these years of an ever-changing world, the economy was forced to come to a screeching halt when the COVID-19 pandemic first struck and spread. Many businesses were failing, and shops were forced to close their doors, leaving people all over the world locked inside at homes, quarantined.

Some countries got the pandemic under control while some are still struggling until now. While the world is moving slower than ever, the need to take action has never been greater than before. Nowadays, like it or not, struggling businesses are forced to get up and rebound from their failures.

Performance Marketing had been proven to be able to help businesses in a way that motivates sellers and marketers to work together. They are driven by measurable variables such as leads, sales, or clicks. ACCESSTRADE GLOBAL believes that a more in-depth understanding of how performance marketing and growth work will help save failing business and benefit surviving ones. In that spirit, ACCESSTRADE GLOBAL birthed a webinar called Performance Growth Summit 2020 (PGS).

Performance Growth Summit 2020 (PGS) by ACCESSTRADE GLOBAL is a series of one-day virtual events that will be held in SEA countries. The event topic will focus on performance marketing and business growth to help struggling businesses stay in the game or get back on their feet amid the pandemic. This is the perfect event for business people to gather and grow their networks.

The speakers are experts in the industry and experienced people from successful businesses in corresponding countries. The speakers and the participants will take part in the interactive sharing of proven tactics, practical case studies, success stories, and inspirations. In sessions where speakers will also be taking questions, participants will get deeper knowledge in discussed topics, thus making it easier for them to apply in real life.

The event will take place in 4 SEA countries:

  1. Vietnam (28 July 2020)
  2. Malaysia (12 September 2020)
  3. Indonesia (19 September 2020)
  4. Thailand (24 September 2020)


The event is going to be streamable live on Facebook Live. The event is going to be available free of charge to a limited number of participants who signed up through the website.

However, there's going to be recorded sessions available for re-watching and re-learning in case some participants failed to attend the live session.

Register now and see you there!